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COLOURED BALLS - SIX PACK bundle -black vinyl

$82.50 / Sold Out


Includes all 6 of our COLOURED BALLS releases on black vinyl. Save $10!
One double LP, two LPs, and three 7" singles:

1. Liberate Rock - Singles and More 1972-1975 2xLP JAW044
2. Rock Your Arse Off! Live At Festival Hall 10.11.72 LP JAW045
3. The First Supper Last Or Scenes We Didn't Get To See LP JAW038
4. Heavy Metal Kid b/w Around and Around 7" JAW043
5. Won't You Make Up Your Mind b/w "Devil's Disciple 7" JAW040
6. Flash b/w Dave The Rave 7" single (JAW039)

Goes down like an ice-cold oil can of Foster's...