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So What "Deep Freeze" TRIPLE PLAY and MEGA bundles


TRIPLE PLAY BUNDLE: All colors (black, ice blue, and snow white)
MEGA BUNDLE: All colors (black, ice blue, and snow white *PLUS* test pressing)

Exclusive promo poster with every order!

"Cooler than a body on ice!". Oakland's So What is back with a bang with a hit single to follow-up their late 2016 long-player "Hard Gum"! We detect a heavy whiff of hard-nut Antipodean style grit on the stellar A-side "Deep Freeze". A steady diet of 70s Australia's finest - and we mean all things Vanda and Young related - will do that. Pure, no nonsense knuckle-dragger Rock n Roll that definitely carries on the spirit of early AC/DC, Marcus Hook Roll Band, Coloured Balls, etc. Exclusive b-side scorcher, "Razor Blade", a long-time live fave that is equals parts terrace stomper and Slade-esque boogie, has finally been committed to vinyl.

Pressing info:
300 black
100 ice blue
100 snow white
25 numbered test pressings with alternate sleeve