PROWLER - Pale Green Vauxhall Driving Man 7” JAW069


PROWLER “Pale Green Vauxhall Driving Man” b/w “I’m Your Leading Man” 7” JAW069

PROWLER featured the wildly prolific team of MARTIN BRILEY and BRIAN ENGEL from such faves as MANDRAKE PADDLE STEAMER, STARBUCK “Do You Like Boys”, LIVERPOOL ECHO, SHAMBLES “Hello Baby”, TRUE ADVENTURE, etc.

This is not really a reissue per se because the original uncensored version has never been released on vinyl before. It was released in a censored form as the oddly titled “Pale Green (Hmmmm) Driving Man” in 1972. The BBC’s policy at the time would not allow a commercial product or brand name being used. Same reason The Kinks had to re-record “Lola” for the single version substituting “chery cola” in place of “Coca-Cola”. Prowler masked the offending “Vauxhall” auto brand name in their song with a Moog (played by Chris Thomas) sort of replicating an accelerating car. The fact that you can clearly hear the word “Vauxhall” several other times outside of the chorus didn’t seem to phase anyone. It was all for naught. The Beeb didn’t play it anyway. The subject matter alone, a kerb crawler searching the streets for unwitting victims tempted by his tainted “sticky brandy balls” sweets would warrant a ban from The Beeb regardless.

The b-side “I’m Your Leading Man", a demo from 1972, has never appeared on vinyl before. As always, we provide more bang for the buck!

Pressing info:
300 black vinyl
5 test pressings


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