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KUBIE and the RATS "Turtle Dove" single TRIPLE PLAY and MEGA bundles (JAW036)

$22.50 / Sold Out

*TRIPLE PLAY BUNDLE: All 3 colors (black, red, gray)
*MEGA BUNDLE: All 3 colors (black, gray, red) plus 1 test pressing

This slice of glam/power pop perfection is available again for the first time since 1974! You have to wonder why a song as incredibly catchy as "Turtle Dove" wasn't a mega smash. Maybe the lyrics were too bawdy for the BBC? The flip side was definitely much too much for the Beeb. "Oxford Donna" is a tender song about a former Oxford pupil who just likes a gang bang now and again! T. Rex's MARC BOLAN was a fan and friend of lead singer/songwriter DAVID KUBINEC (ex-World Of Oz). Marc even said to Kubie after hearing "Turtle Dove", "I should have written that!" In fact, David has stated that "Turtle Dove" was very much written with T. Rex in mind. If you were wondering why it's "KUBIE and the RATS" now, instead of just "RATS" as it was originally released, the group was never intended to be just "RATS", that was their management's decision. The group was built around David "Kubie" Kubinec and he wrote and sang all the songs. He later went on to a solo career and notably, his second album, "Some Things Never Change", was produced by The Velvet Underground's JOHN CALE. Sourced directly from producer Adrian Millar's masters. This a one-time pressing of 500 - once it's gone, it's gone. Sleeve by Doran Shelley.

pressing info:
275 black vinyl
100 opaque gray vinyl
100 opaque red vinyl
25 numbered test pressings with alternate yellow and black sleeve