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SO WHAT "Hard Gum" LP (orange, white, or black vinyl) + download (JAW032)


"Hard Gum" LP + download (JAW032)

SO WHAT's debut LP is filled with stompers, hand clappers, and all the riffs that matter. Co-released by Just Add Water Records (USA) and Surfin' Ki (Italy). From the GLAMTASTIC pounding drums, Moogs, and big fuzzy riffs of "Where We Going" and "Why Can't I See You Tonight", to the EQUALS-esque "Don't Come Back" and "What You Said", this album is chock-full of HITS!

PREVIEW: https://soundcloud.com/just-add-water-records/dont-wanna-come-back-to-you-1

Pressing info:
100 on winter mint white (new pressing available now!)
100 on mango orange (new pressing available now!)
Unlimited on black vinyl! (new pressing available now!)

100 on berry blue gum vinyl *SOLD OUT, THANKS!
100 on bubblegum pink vinyl *SOLD OUT, THANKS!